KIM, a premium brand

of Pou Chong Foods Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Tradition & Passion

With a commitment to bring you the most authentic and mouth-watering Chinese food products, we at Pou Chong have decided to release KIM, a premium brand with all the homemade goodness that our company is known for. Our mission is to bring the beauty and timeless flavours of Chinese food to the Indian market. From our humble beginnings SINCE 1958 to our modern avatar, we here at Pou Chong are determined to help you create magical dishes, right in your own kitchen

Pou Chong founder , Mr. Lee Shih Chuan was a third generation Chinese Indian born and bought up in Kolkata. His grandfather and father were herbal doctors. In 1958, he established Pou Chong with a humble beginning. He took over an old sauce factory in Tangra, Kolkata, and started making the special sauces with Chinese herbs to the many Chinese Indians living in Kolkata Chinatown. Slowly he started mixing Indian herbs with the Chinese and blended it to create a unique flavor to suit the people in Kolkata. Thus green chilli sauce was created by him.

In the course of time, many different sauces were introduced. Kolkata’s most popular Kati rolls, Chowmein, Chilli Chicken, etc and the world famous Indian Chinese Hakka cuisine cannot be completely bursting with rich flavours and unique taste without the combination of Pou Chong sauces.

A good sauce with its attractive colour, fragrant flavor and distinctly delicious taste is the soul of any good dish, fit to please a fastidious gourmet’s sense of sight, smell and taste.
A good sauce dramatically transforms a bland, tasteless dish into a spectacularly flavourful flare. So deliciously appetizing that it not only tickle all the taste buds in the tongue of a discerning connoisseur, but its pleasant aroma and distinct flavor satiates even the most fussy and keen food lover.

Pou Chong religiously strives to maintain its goodwill with its tongue tickling, tasty sauces to keep its dedicated fans happy for so many years.


Our Founders

Late Mr and Mrs Lee

(Rest in Peace. We miss you and We Thank God for the blessings given to all of us through the both of You)

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